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Articles, insights and accounts of PR crises we’ve managed, learned from (or about) and our takes on them.

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5 Ways to Deal with a PR Crisis

A PR crisis can happen fast. An unexpected event ripples throughout the company and executives go into crisis mode, seeking shelter in the boardroom. Employees whisper in the hallways. And, once that crisis spreads to the outside world, public…
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Lack of Transparency Gives PR Pros and the Brands they Represent a Bad Name

Let’s face it. PR people don’t always get the best rep. In fact, one of the most memorable experiences from my college years was when I told one gentleman, who will remain anonymous, that I wanted to work in public relations after graduating.…
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PR Tips: Playing Nice in the Public Eye

This post was first published by Megan Grobert on March Communications' blog PR Nonsense. On a daily basis, we PR professionals scan the news to gauge public perception of our clients. Being a media-focused culture, public perception…
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Transparency, Rebranding, and PR

It’s been a bit of a hard week for New York Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. Even if you’re the type to just casually flip through the news channels at night, you probably recall how the former Congressman forever tainted his political…
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Facing the Online Disinhibition Effect: Whether and When to Respond to Negative Comments

If you are a business owner or company executive, you probably should be worrying about the Online Disinhibition Effect. According to research conducted by Rider University psychologist John Suler [PDF], it’s the Online Disinhibition Effect…
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The reputation of A and B (Abercrombie and Benetton) is walking on thin ice: are they going to make it?

We are not talking about a woolen thread nor a cotton one, nor about the technological Resistex® Carbon either and not about the famous Ariadne’s thread, even if we are considering two impervious parallel stories regarding two important brands…
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Alitalia and the missing logo: typical story for a crisis manual

This week, Giorgio Cattaneo of MY PR shares his experiences in crisis communications in the aviation sector. Stating that I don’t feel confident accusing those who are already in a critical position, in this post I would like to analyze the…
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Getting Through a PR Crisis – some quick notes

It seems that two years following the 25th January revolution most PR work in Egypt has shifted towards contingency planning and PR crisis management. According to the Institute of PR, a crisis is “a significant threat to operations that can…
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PR Crisis Management: Make Sure You Have a Plan

As stated in a previous March Communications' blog post, PR specialists tend to be quite talented when it comes to multi-tasking. This serves as a key attribute when a sudden PR crisis arises, and you have to handle it immediately, on top of…
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AirBnB Fixes PR Problem

AirBnB has been one of my favorite new sites for more than a year now.  It’s an online service that matches people with short-term vacation rentals that are typically people’s private homes or guest rooms. There’s obviously a huge leap-of-faith…
Crisis situation - a person sitting down with a hand to his head

Social Media Scandal: Lessons From Weiner

"The picture was of me, and I sent it." - Words from a Weiner. Pun intended. For the past few weeks the news has been filled with a social media scandal: Anthony D. Weiner, the married former New York congressman, admitted to sending explicit…
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Burson-Marsteller, and PR’s PR Problem

Last week, you couldn't point your Web browser anywhere without hearing about the Burson-Marsteller Facebook-Google smear campaign debacle. Today, just one week from the initial reporting of it, the story seems to have all but disappeared. Interestingly,…