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Articles, news and insights relating to the United States of America. When a US-based member joins, we shall announce it here. When new policies, strategies and interviews with PR specialists from America are published, you will find them here.

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Founding Fathers, Statues, America, Democracy

USA 2013: Big Data and IT security drive PR demand

Today Tom Rice answers the three questions about Media and PR impressions in 2013 that we asked our PR consultants around the world from the perspective of a US PR specialist specializing in B2B technology PR and general B2B markets: 1.    …
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This American Life, Understanding Your Audience and PR

If you’re as dedicated to NPR as I am, then you undoubtedly have heard the radio show This American Life, a weekly hour-long feature that deeply intimates listeners with a variety of Americans based on an overall theme of each show. Some of…
Founding Fathers, Statues, America, Democracy

The Founding Fathers: America’s First PR Firm

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” That legendary line gives…
March Communications: GlobalCom’s Partner in the USA

USA: Tops and Flops in global PR

Today our series features Greg Carney, Energy Practice Director of Merritt Group, GlobalCom PR Network’s partner PR agency in the USA - who gives us some insights into “Tops and Flops” in the US market. PR Topics - Tops and Flops Product…

Continental drift in modern PR? – Insight USA

As announced last week GlobalCom PR Network is launching its third PR series today. We talked to expert PR consultants of our partner agencies around the world about the influence of social and digital media in their daily public relations activities,…
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Leveraging Current Events for PR Pitching Opps

Pitching the press is a key tool in the set of PR services, but what if your client doesn’t have any news announcements or product releases? This is a dilemma that many in the PR industry face, but, luckily, there are creative ways around…
March Communications: GlobalCom’s Partner in the USA

Lessons learned from the media evolution in the USA – a global PR perspective

Will traditional media die-out in the land of social networks and direct media? Martin Jones, PR Expert and co-founder of March Communications, reports on the advantages and disadvantages of this development and its influence on PR practices.…
March Communications: GlobalCom’s Partner in the USA

March Communications: GlobalCom’s Partner in the USA

March Communications provides a unique blend of PR and marketing services that combine local knowledge and industry expertise with a European flair. The agency delivers highly creative and innovative programs that will influence target audiences…