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As a Boston tech PR firm, March Communications has seen firsthand over the last decade how impressive the city’s evolution - not just as a tech hub for the East Coast, but the whole country - has really been.Newly elected Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh boldly declared last week during a visit to local tech education non-profit LearnLaunch, “We want to make Boston the tech capital of the world.”

As a Boston tech PR firm, March Communications has seen firsthand over the last decade how impressive the city’s evolution – not just as a tech hub for the East Coast, but the whole country – has really been.

The Boston tech sector’s success is already central to the area’s economic growth, but Walsh’s comments crystallized the collective efforts of city and state officials to make Boston the global technology hub.

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Today Tom Rice answers the three questions about Media and PR impressions in 2013 that we asked our PR team around the world from the perspective of a US PR consultant specializing in B2B technology B2B markets:

1.     How did the global recession affect the demand for PR in the USA in 2013?

BigDataUSAOur agency, with its focus on B2B technology market, saw an uptick in business in 2013 so the recession was not really a factor.  We continued to see strong interest from prospects in the technology market and from existing clients looking to do additional work.  Sectors such as big data, analytics and IT security were the fastest growing.  The sequestration crisis in the government did cause some of our government IT clients to pause on some projects.  PR needs were strong across the board but the strongest need was more integration with our creative services division. Read more

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If you’re as dedicated to NPR as I am, then you undoubtedly have heard the radio show This American Life, a weekly hour-long feature that deeply intimates listeners with a variety of Americans based on an overall theme of each show. Some of my favorite themes include a wide range of topics, including patents (more compelling than it sounds!), “PI Moms”, high school shootings and Blackjack.

This weekend, I turned to my “TAL” smartphone app and came across a compelling episode called “The View from Within” about something that I have always taken an interest in: truly seeing where a person is coming from by putting yourself in his or her shoes. Read more

By Brian Hart, Account Coordinator at Jennifer Connelly Public Relations

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

That legendary line gives me pride as an American, and it gives me goosebumps as a PR professional. Thomas Jefferson and the gang knew it was their destiny to change the course of history long before the Declaration of Independence was drafted, but they also knew that their vision was unattainable until they could inspire the public to join their cause. Read more

Today our series features Greg Carney, Energy Practice Director of Merritt Group, GlobalCom PR Network’s partner agency in the USA – who gives us some insights into “Tops and Flops” in the US market.

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As announced last week GlobalCom PR Network is launching its third PR series today. We talked to PR experts of our partner agencies around the world about the influence of social and digital media in their daily public relations activities, about social networking for PR purposes and about recent innovations in their agencies or local market.

Martin Jones, Managing Partner at our Boston based PR agency March Communications was one of the first colleagues to replay to our 3 questions.

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Pitching the press is a key part of PR, but what if your client doesn’t have any news announcements or product releases? This is a dilemma that many in the PR industry face, but, luckily, there are creative ways around this issue. For instance, capitalizing on current events and relating them to your clients’ expertise, products or services is a great way to engage the media and keep up a steady stream of news and thought leadership. Read more

In part 1 of the interview PR expert Martin Jones talked about the advantages and disadvantages of the changing media landscape in the US and its influence on PR practices. Today he reports on general differences companies and organizations should watch out for when doing PR in the USA.

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Will traditional media die out in the land of social networks and direct media? Martin Jones, PR Expert and co-founder of March Communications, reports on the advantages and disadvantages of this development and its influence on PR practices. He also thinks third party media will make a comeback because there is still a need for quality and verified news.

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