New affiliate Patzer PR strengthens GlobalCom’s healthcare competence

foto-michael-patzer-2.jpgMeeting new neighbours can be a daunting experience but on the other hand, having someone around the corner you can trust and who can help you out with all those things you cannot manage by yourself can be of real benefit. Patzer PR, a public relations firm specializing in foto-michael-patzer-2.jpghealthcare and pharmaceutical communications are, however, a very close neighbour to GlobalCom Germany with its office location in Ismaning near Munich. Patzer PR became a member of the network last month.

The management team consists of Michael Patzer, Managing Partner at Patzer PR, Dr. Maren Mundt and Dr. Erich Rüth. “The team have extensive, and life-long, experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare communications”, explains Michael Patzer. “But if you really want to be a major force in international business and have the opportunity to work with globally active clients, you need a strong network with other competent healthcare communication agencies. Joining GlobalCom was definitely a great choice for us and ironically we have found this chance in the close neighbourhood!”

An intensive cooperation with several partner agencies under the national brand umbrella of the Kepacom group adds to the service portfolio of Patzer PR. “Our most important partner MW Office, Germany, is the leading media agency for the pharmaceutical industry”, explains Michael Patzer. Other partners include Wegener Werbung, an advertising agency, and RKC, a specialized medical education agency. All partner agencies share offices with Patzer PR in Ismaning and in total the Kepacom group employs more than 70 healthcare communication specialists.

Germany is one of the core markets for the healthcare business”, stresses Ralf Hartmann, Chairman of GlobalCom PR-Network. “Partnering with an experienced agency in the German healthcare market is an important step for us to in one of our key strategic goals, namely establishing a healthcare and pharma capability that is represented in core, as well as in emerging markets.”