Intro PR Event JCPRBranding your own event puts you in control

The world of communications and public relations provides an endless amount of obstacles but the goal is always the same: gain exposure for your brand. And as editorial staff continues to shrink in our increasingly digital age, achieving recognition from the journalists and reporters that you need to succeed has become increasingly challenging.

Brand ambassadors have long attended industry events to reach both the media as well as target audiences. Networking can move the brand awareness needle, but what is the return on investment? Exhibiting at events can cost well over $10,000 — and that doesn’t even include travel and hotel expenses. And trying to get the attention of the frenzied media alongside hundreds of other companies at these events is a feat unto itself.


Creating your own event – at which you are the “main event” – is more proactive, and ultimately, more fruitful when it comes to getting the media attention your brand needs to stand out in a cluttered marketplace.


Own It

JCPR recommends creating your own “must attend” event – and share the spotlight with other industry leaders to maximize media attention.

JCPR recommends clients combat event burn-out by creating and hosting self-branded press events. These press events maximize journalists’ time by honing in on relevant topics they need and want to know about – from a variety of sources and most importantly –  the client. Our team has led several of our clients down this path and produced compelling results.

Here’s a great example: for the 3rd year in a row, asset management firm American Beacon has hosted their very own Annual Investment Forum and Breakfast. This event features leading financial investment advisory firms that serve as sub-advisors to American Beacon including Bridgeway Capital Management, Holland Capital Management, Stephens Investment Management Group and many others who come together to discuss current trends and provide financial insights and advice based on their expertise.

Working in congress with JCPR, American Beacon extended invitations to American Beacon’s loyal and knowledgeable partnerships, providing a two-fold benefit: allowing American Beacon to share the glory with those who have made their successes possible, and providing a variety of sources for the media in attendance to learn from.  At the most recent event (2013) over 35 members of the press were in attendance, including reporters from highly regarded media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Bloomberg News, all of which produced coverage prior and following the event.

LeslieBillera_JCPRTo learn more about crafting these types of branded PR events, contact Leslie Billera, VP of Marketing, at or 973.850.7329. Follow JCPR on Twitter @JCPR.

Autors: Casey Shaw & Leslie Billera, JCPR – a US team of GlobalCom PR Network