Escapade TeamWith Escapade PR, GlobalCom gains new driver for consumer business

With the plethora of communications channels now available to reach consumers, it can be confusing to know where and how to apportion your public relations budget. Do you opt for a social media route putting all your effort into bloggers, social media sites and on-line engagement?  Or should you rely on traditional print media to get your message across?  Or maybe regional radio both on and off-line is where you should be?

In reality there isn’t a one-stop solution for any brand, service or product.

If you have a mass market product targeting gatekeepers in a demographic or location that doesn’t have internet access at home then it is probably true to say that an online campaign would be wasted.  A better engagement route might be broadcast and women’s lifestyle magazines.

Conversely, if you have a service that is targeting students, it is probably not an efficient use of time and effort to target traditional print media but to look at experiential and online instead.

The key to a successful campaign is to really understand your target audience, their media consumption and their buying behaviour.

Escapade is an affiliate company of the CCGroup, and focuses on Consumer lifestyle. “Our broad lifestyle expertise spans food & drink, electronics, home, consumer technology, fmcg, leisure and personal care – so we have plenty to offer our clients’ brand”, explains Lynne Goddard, Head of Escapade. “The agency has just joined GlobalCom and will become a main driver for the network’s increasingly dynamic consumer lifestyle business.”

“Escapade will be an excellent partner for international PR campaigns in the consumer lifestyle segment, and they know their media channels well,” says Ralf Hartmann, Chairman and Founder of GlobalCom.

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Lynne Goddard