Idit Rosenberg

Today our series is featuring Idit Rosenberg of Media-PR, GlobalCom PR Network’s partner PR agency in Israel, who provided us with some insights regarding their local PR practices and regional trends.*


1. What status do social and digital media have in your daily PR work?

We believe social and digital media play an important role in our public relations work and they are here to stay. But in our daily PR work we mainly focus on the traditional PR like: press releases, articles, interviews etc.


2. Do you use social networking in your PR and communications work?

Yes, we do. These activities usually contain one or more of the following.

Map relevant social networks – For each client we map relevant social networks and locate relevant groups and virtual communities in which we bring up discussions, topics, publications, articles, customer stories, and other relevant links.

Facebook and LinkedIn Hebrew pages – We create Facebook and LinkedIn Hebrew pages in which we publish local contents such as pictures from company seminars, new product announcements, articles etc.

Online surveys  – We initiate online surveys using Facebook or LinkedIn and issue press releases with the results.

YouTube channel – We help our clients to open YouTube channel and uploading contents like interviews with local staff on tech issues, lectures, demos etc.

Hebrew webinars  – We assist our clients to initiate Hebrew webinars and invite relevant journalists and bloggers to join them and promote them within Facebook and Linkedin

Blogs in Hebrew  – We help our clients to open Blogs in Hebrew of their employees and we also promote tech businesses in local relevant tech-oriented blogs.


3. What would you see as most recent innovation in the field of PR?

Unfortunately, I think at the end of the day the most effective PR activities that gain the largest exposure are the classic ones: PRs, success stories, interviews and articles. We do believe that new media and new tools are crucial to be developed but I really didn’t know about any innovative tool.


*The series is based on phone or face-to-face interviews and written input, therefore please excuse language mistakes which might reflect foreign language influences.


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