It’s nearly time for IFA again and gadget fans enjoy the variety of product news. Receiving a test product caused a discussion around the topic eReaders versus books during our lunch break. We summarized the exchanged arguments for you:

Book Traditionalists

(represented by Martin)

So does my new pocket book –

And I like having my favourite books on my book shelf.

But I like flipping through the pages of a book.
How heavy are pocket books – 350g for an average one?

Ok, I don’t have the handbag problem.

But it’s probably more attractive to be stolen than a pocket book and then you’ll lose 150 Euro + eBook costs.
Also: I stare at a screen all day long anyway.

Well, I don’t have to re-charge books which is handy when you are trekking or sailing.

I simply can’t imagine if that’s the right reading feeling for me.


Conclusion: We think there is only one way to find out if you’re ready for eReaders – simply try it.

We will definitely do so with our Kobo eReader Touch and are looking forward to all the other new gadgets the industry has for us at IFA.

Wibke Sonderkamp