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After the recent signing of an agreement, Espósito Marketing is proud to announce that it has become a partner of this prestigious international network of marketing and PR agencies.

GlobalCom PR Network is a global network of over 45 PR agencies, whose members are chosen based on their professionalism and ethical values. GlobalCom PR Network becomes the platform for developing new business but also for discussing management methods and nourishing from other members through the synergy produced among them.

For Espósito Marketing, this alliance will enhance its international image and create new business opportunities around the world. Also, Espósito Marketing’s team of professionals will be able to get training in the latest PR trends. Above all, the company’s clients will be guaranteed a service of excellence matched up to the most prestigious PR agencies of the world.

At the same time, GlobalCom PR Network will grow and expand in Argentina as a new member is added to its network in the region.

Espósito Marketing is a consulting company with wide experience in providing communication, PR, press and marketing services. The company uses diverse tools to strongly commit itself to helping clients achieve and even exceed their commercial goals. The company has important local and regional accounts, especially in the telecommunications and technology businesses, as well as unique expertise in consumer PR, lifestyle PR, travel and tourism PR and food and drink PR.

Further information at and (2020 update: website doesn’t exist anymore, but is kept here for archiving purposes).