New formats that will help to make your online events more interesting

The visibility of some events in the media can transmit the false impression that it is an easy goal to be achieved. But, at least in Brazil, this is not the case. The competition of events increases, while the attention decreases. With the diversity of clients served, including world renowned companies such as Reckitt Benckiser and Turner International, Fundamento believes that analyzing the profile of the company that promotes the events, as well as making sure what their objectives are, is a core criteria for a successful event preparation and exposure.

In addition, in our experience of more than 20 years – and considering different service segments such as entertainment, consumer, B2B, healthcare and consumer technology – we believe that some common measures can provide consistent results. Among these strategies, we selected a few items that we consider the most important ones. We always take them into account in our projects, not only in Brazil, but in Latin America.

Antecedence: timely manner in planning and executing all actions is essential in the Brazilian scenario. In general, we recommend 30 to 60 days to start by designing a strategy. But for large-scale events, our experience indicates a period of 90 days or more.

Alignment with partners: if the event is executed by more than one company, which is a common practice among Fundamento’s clients, it is natural that different teams with distinct objectives, have to work together. So it is vital that the PR, marketing and advertising material is consistent and used by all parties.

Commitment: stakeholder involvement is another item which has a positive impact. Even in Brazil, where people are friendly and receptive, we note that it is necessary to ensure adherence to all public. Engaged, they confer significant strengthening disclosure and credibility of the event.

Relevant content and intermediate facts: Brazilian media often focus on suggestions involving speakers, special guests and special presentations in events. Articles highlighting this information therefore ensure more visibility for the event and it’s very good for SEO.

Digital support: Brazilians are avid users of social networks. Therefore it is essential to have a social media support in place. In addition these communication channels shorten time and distances.

Press room: a specific media room for editors is expected in Brazil. Offering this space helps to ensure the presence of journalists in the event, especially for print and online media. Computers, internet, audiovisual equipment and other technological devices are no longer a differential, but a requirement.


Author: Rafael Machado and Renata Lacerda, journalists and directors of Fundamento PR – partner of GloablCom PR Network in Brazil.