Business technology: woman working on a computer in a room with electrical wires and other tech equipment

The 27th of November saw CCgroup launch its latest division – Business Technology. There’s a news release here that explains why we think it’s important, what the opportunities are and why we’re equipped to make the most of them. And here’s a link to what PRWeek thought of the announcement.

In a nutshell, CCgroup has historically focused on mobile & telecoms, fintech and cleantech, but this year, several of our new and existing clients turned their focus on the enterprise market. And so, following the management buy-out in August, we established a new division to cater for B2B technology companies and consultancies from four key areas: IT Infrastructure; Workflow IT; Back-Office IT; and Business Intelligence & Big Data. There’s more detail on what these areas comprise of in the news release.

It’s an exciting time for CCgroup. We are convinced that combining the company’s longstanding B2B heritage with my own 7+ years of leading Business Technology campaigns will make us a compelling, fresh option for B2B IT marketers. My experience lies across a wide range of verticals, delivering PR & Marketing campaigns for startups or global corporates (and everything in between!), so I was particularly interested in the research we are also releasing today.

We’ve taken a detailed look at what makes different types of IT decision makers tick – specifically, what content and channels they rely on when selecting their suppliers. Vital intelligence for any B2B IT marketer.

We examined which information sources they favour when building a long list (colleagues and search engines came out really well – social and national media did not), when whittling it down to a short list (‘yes’ to white papers and case studies, ‘no’ to email marketing and social media again) and then finally when making a decision (video content and blogs really fell away at this point).

We also took a look at what content decision makers wanted to see more of, but B2B IT marketers all too often failed to provide (white papers and case studies in the main, followed by trade media coverage).

The full research, “How do IT decision makers choose their suppliers?”, is available for free download here.

In the process of this analysis, we also noticed some important trends in which information sources were relied upon according to the value of the IT investment and the type of IT concerned. When you download the document mentioned above, you’ll be given a chance to also download these analysis papers. In the coming weeks, I will be blogging about the findings too.

And, of course, if you happen to know an organisation that would benefit from talking with our new division, please introduce us!


This blog is written by Will Gardiner, Head of Business Technology at CCgroup