New Spanish partner for GlobalCom Health - Salud y Comunicación

Irene Tato - General Director Salud y ComunicaciónGlobalCom’s Healthcare Competence Team (GlobalCom Health) in charge of the Healthcare PR efforts has been growing continuously since its kick-off meeting last summer in London. “We have been carefully selecting new specialized partner agencies in different markets over the last couple of months to make sure clients are talking to the real experts”, explains network coordinator Claudia Wittwer. Now SC Salud y Comunicación, Madrid-based PR agency exclusively focusing on healthcare and pharmaceutical communication, has joined the GlobalCom family. “Spain is definitely one of the most important healthcare markets in Europe, and we are happy to have an experienced partner there who also shows a strong commitment to the network.”

Salud y Comunicación works on Corporate Communication since 2005 for some of the most important pharmaceutical companies in Spain, like Italfarmaco and Andrómaco. Among the agency’s clients are also Health Foundations like FUNDADEPS and Research & Development Centers like the Spanish National Cancer Research Center – CNIO.  “Additionally to this, we have become very familiar with the public healthcare sector working for Healthcare education campaigns for the Public Health Regional Government and some national medical and scientific societies”, adds Irene Tato, founder and General Director of SC.

What makes SC an excellent partner for GlobalCom’s healthcare business in Spain is not only the extensive expertise of the team, but also the broad range of PR services it provides. “We are not only offering PR and communication services for our clients, but we are also very active in research and organize events”, says Irene Tato.

Three years ago SC set up a new division to offer medical education programs to some healthcare companies as for example COLGATE. Two months ago, the SC team opened up a bottle of champagne to celebrate its latest success – winning an international pitch, as Irene Tato explains: ”We have won the American biotechnology company Genzyme as new client, and now we are doing the Strategic planning and Media Relations for them.”

Claudia Wittwer