Content Marketing Strategy

As we are approaching the end of the year 2014, we have asked our PR firms around the world to share their top 3 PR trends and changes in the media market with us. We believe that this insight, though somewhat speculative, can prove to be useful because such observations are often based on hands-on experience and can qualify as educated guesses in most cases.

Richard Fogg, MD of CCgroup, one of GlobalCom’s PR agencies in London, provides the first post in the series:

RichardFoggThe key PR trend of 2014 has been about delivering on the rhetoric of the last few years. Conference after conference. Thought leader after thought leader. Blog after blog. The PR buzz terms have been coming thick and fast: content marketing. Data-driven insights. Paid media. Outcome measurement. Search integration. Tech wizardry. Agency restructuring.

Of course there are new terms entering the PR lexicon. But, critically, the industry is starting to deliver. Especially in the B2B technology PR space. Especially amongst nimble independent agencies. Especially in London.

We’ve been running complex content marketing campaigns for years, but we’re starting to see PR emerge as the strategic driver for integrated marketing programmes. This is being driven by real insights into technology buying behavior – much of which is coming from interrogation of client data and our own proprietary Catalyst Insight reports.

We’ve been integrating paid media elements in our own and our client’s campaigns, we’ve been demonstrating, proving the bottom-line impact of our PR programmes. We’re starting to play a key role in client search campaigns, having demonstrated the impact that PR can have on SEO in our most recent whitepaper.

And like many agencies, we’re undergoing a fundamental re-structuring of our consultancy to ensure we’re able to capitalize on the many opportunities facing the PR community.

In short, in 2014 PR has become a more confident marketing discipline and is ready to claim its place as the strategic driver for organisational marketing for years to come.

In conclusion, in my opinion the ranking of PR trends in 2014 is the following

1.    PR starting to lead integrated campaigns

2.    PR embracing data-driven insights and analysis

3.    PR becoming invaluable in search strategies

Stay tuned to learn more about the PR trends 2014 around the world each Thursday on this blog.