GlobalCom PR Network member and Croatian Public Relations agency, Abeceda komunikacije with the project Kaufland school of fruits and vegetables 2019/2020 entered this year´s finals of the prestigious Golden World Awards 2020 in the Corporate responsibility category.

„PR Oscar“ – the world´s largest recognition in the industry, is an award given by IPRA, the leading global network of public relations professionals, founded in 1955. Golden World Awards is an annual global competition launched by the IPRA (International Public Relations Association) in 1990. The aim is recognizing excellence in public relations, with projects evaluated in numerous categories by communication experts from companies, PR agencies, associations, institutions and universities across the world.

Project Kaufland school of fruits and vegetables 2019/2020 was chosen to enter the finals, competing against several hundred campaigns from around the world, and aimed to raise awareness among children, parents, institutions and the public about the need for a healthy and regular meal in school-age children in preventing the risk of obesity. Croatia is in the top five European countries when it comes to terms of the number of obese children, which is a growing global public health problem. For the third year in a row, Kaufland has been successfully implementing the prevention program. By the end of the school year 2020., Kaufland will donate over 130 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to more than 19.000 pupils throughout Croatia, thus providing them with a regular healthy meal.

After entering the finals for the Grand PRix award, held domestically by the Croatian Public Relations Associations (HUOJ), entering the finals is a great acknowledgment for the project and Abeceda komunikacije agency, as well as a stimulus and motivation for all colleagues in the profession. Evaluation of all projects in the finals of Golden world Awards will be carried out in July, and the winners will be announced at a gala dinner at the end of the year.