Three fundamental principles of successful digital advertising

Since the emergence of Industry 4.0 and internet revolution, sales and marketing methods have been changing. The new measures have replaced the traditional ones. Online marketing gradually grows while social media and e-commerce platforms now play an important role in promoting consumer awareness about products, brands and services of companies.

In Vietnam, 80% out of the country’s population stays online on their mobile devices for more than 2.5 hours, higher than many parts of the world. Meanwhile, browsing social media accounts for ¼ of their online time. Such figures influence the marketers to boost the internet-based advertising. Here are some fundamental principles to note for a successful digital advertising in Vietnam.

  • Set advertising goals. Before starting a marketing campaign, marketers should define the objectives of the campaign. The more detailed, the more successful the campaign can achieve. Advertisers need to identify the target segments of audiences based on ages, occupations, habits, living areas, as well as consumer behaviors. By doing so, marketers can avoid wasting their budget on ineffective and mistargeting ads.
  • Be careful with marketing content, especially if it relates to local history, gender discrimination, region segregation, or religion. Content also needs to avoid comparing with competitors’ names.
  • Pay attention to children protection in cyberspace, in accordance with Article 29 of Vietnam’s cybersecurity law. Companies need to carefully inspect communication contents related to children and adolescents. Moreover, advertising content should be diversified. If the advertisements are creative and personalized, they will appeal to consumers. It deems to be more effective than marketing campaigns publicizing in many other communication channels.

Author Vi Mai is a PR manager at EloQ Communications. Vi has more than 11 years of experience in journalism and social marketing. She is also a strategic planner for many projects of the company. Read more articles relating to marketing and communications at EloQ’s Blog:

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