Vero Public Relations represents GlobalCom in Thailand and Vietnam (2009)

Public Link, Salud y Comunicación, both tourism PR agencies in different markets – GlobalCom has gained so many new European partners during the last couple of months! With March PR and HealthStar PR we are also very happy in the US. Just the Asian tigers were still a rare species within our “zoo”. One of them has approached GlobalCom for a while before jumping in: Vero Public Relations is going to represent our network in Thailand and Vietnam and will thus strengthen GlobalCom’s business in Asia.

Vero Public Relations is a full service PR company specializing in corporate communications and B2B communications. The agency operates in Asia-Pacific with independently-owned offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Vero Public Relations also manages relationships with a strong local contingent of PR agencies in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

Despite recent political issues, Thailand remains on the radar of multinational companies who see the nation of 65 million people as a key market in Asia. Likewise, Vietnam, with a population of 85 million, maintains strong prospects for economic growth and development. Some analysts predict that Vietnam will grow at a rate second only to China in the year ahead.

“We look forward to working with the GlobalCom team and doing all we can to help the network grow,” said Brian Griffin, managing director of Vero Public Relations. “There’s obviously a lot of talent within the GlobalCom network, and GlobalCom has tremendous momentum as an international organization. We are here to do our part in Southeast Asia, and provide whatever support we can to the members.  We ask all members to get together with us if you happen to be in our markets.”

Claudia Wittwer