Inspiration to our dreams

Inspiration to our dreams

Go Up Group: New tourism & lifestyle partner agency from Italy

Imagine it’s wintertime, you look out of the window, the sky is grey and it’s pouring with rain – then you are calling someone to talk about a proposal for a client, and that special someone tells you: “No problem, you can talk to my colleague right now, or speak to me again next week – I am on a business trip to Seychelles.” Hearing this answer a couple of months ago from Gloria Peccini, COO at Italy-based Go Up Group, I felt a bit… well, envious, to be honest – but at the same time, I also became aware of what is still missing in our network.

While most of our member agencies do their best to inform the media about new technologies, to try to get as close as possible to consumers of netbooks and mobiles and so forth, Go Up Group is bringing into our network all the nice and beautiful things in life that we love so much and dream about. Go Up Group combines the services of Go Up Advertising Agency and Interview P.R. and Press Relations and operates mainly in the fashion, leisure, wellness, financial and luxury sector. The agency joined GlobalCom to strengthen our network’s competence in Consumer PR & Lifestyle PR, and will be an excellent partner for many of our member agencies like for example public link (Berlin, Germany), IT Comunicación (Barcelona, Spain) and Maussen PR (Amsterdam, Netherlands), all of them have extensive expertise with PR for luxury goods, travel, wellness and other amenities.

Go Up Group has actually joined GlobalCom twice – the agency’s PR business division Interview PR is part of Tourism Trade Mark, our German tourism partner KPRN network’s own network, that was integrated recently into GlobalCom (more about this here). Interview PR has already worked for clients like the Singapore Tourism Board, Scandinavian Airlines and Cathay Pacific – the world is their home!

Additionally to their work for airlines and far-away-destinations, Interview PR also creates and implements PR programs for things that are (at least regionally) close to us: “Design and Houseware, Luxury goods and Fashion, as well as Wellness and Health, belong to our core competences”, says Gloria Peccini. Given their extensive expertise in this field and their strong commitment to cooperation within the network, Interview PR will certainly not only inspire our dreams but also GlobalCom’s consumer & lifestyle business. And I am sure Gloria is an excellent contact partner for travel tips…

Claudia Wittwer