GlobalCom Annual Meeting 2013

More than 30 PR professionals from all over the world are currently meeting at Playa del Carmen, Mexico at the annual GlobalCom PR Network (GCPR) meeting. Once a year the PR and communication experts of the global organization come together for three days to exchange insights on local and global market development, new communication trends, new joint clients and projects, as well as networking opportunities.

Today, for example, we learned more about the Australian market which has a very independent economy that is fairly insulated from the financial and political currents influencing the economies of Europe and the US. Therefore, in addition to a strong consumer market, the country is also seen as a very strong growth market for renewable energy technologies.

The Indian market has one of the fastest growing populations in the world. It offers unique opportunities for industries such as mobile communications, but requires very specific local knowledge for successful PR programs. Korea, maybe a little less in the spotlight than other Asian markets, has the fastest internet connections in the world. It has very strong consumer spending power and a high requirement for brand and communication consultancy with local expert insights.

Thailand, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Italy, Scandinavia, the UK, the USA and Latin America and specific industries within these countries are also on this year’s agenda. As various GCPR teams specialize in different industries the specialists are able to provide expert insights into those markets, whether they are aerospace, healthcare, industrial or something else.

Clients who work with GlobalCom teams around the world also use the opportunity to meet their teams at one place to review and plan PR campaigns and communication strategies.

And last but not least the annual meeting offers to opportunity to learn more about the culture of the hosting country.

… and let me put it this way: mixing PR professional and tequila makes for a very communicative mix!

Your GCPR team live from Mexico