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In our interview series “Tops and Flops in global PR” we asked several PR consultants of our 70 partner agencies of the GlobalCom PR Network which PR topics and methods are especially successful in their respective markets and from which measures they prefer to desist. Furthermore, the PR professionals from all over the world told us about the significance of market expertise in their work and whether international presence is important for their clients.

The “tops” are related to a local angle in many countries and interviews or expert opinion pieces are in great demand with journalists. In Thailand, successful communication is often linked to the support of a credible public institution. In Saudi Arabia and Japan, product news are popular with the media, in the UK and the USA market insights and articles about larger trends will be covered most likely. More and more markets, as for example Egypt, focus on Social Media in order to reach their target groups.

The PR consultants of the selected countries agreed about the importance of industry expertise. Only those who possess a profound knowledge of the industries the agency specializes on, can convince their clients and build long-term relationships with journalists. Especially in B2B communications press relations with the trade media are an essential part of the PR measures and well-grounded technical know-how is indispensable for the preparation of articles for these kinds of publications.

PR work is local as well as international. Our partner agencies brought examples of clients which they service only on a national level, but also experiences of international public relations campaigns and of the collaboration in our international network that can carry out the public relations of globally acting companies in coordination.

Stay tuned for more insights into international PR practices coming soon.


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