Media initiatives of companies via Facebook, Twitter, etc.. This is the
result of a recent survey by the Brand Science Institute with more than
1.000 participants who were questioned about their experiences with
corporate Social Media initiatives. 83 percent rate the activities as
plain advertising. Reasons the survey sees for this include the
perception that the companies don’t relate and react sufficiently
towards the needs of their customers or target groups in the social web.

More than 50% of the survey participants use Social Web channels for
questions, complaints and suggestions in their communication with
companies. 61% of the users are not satisfied with the companies
reactions to their questions and inquiries. They report that companies
either don’t react at all, not adequately or they simply react by
referring to their service centres and hot lines.

The survey results confirm our impression based on many inquiries we
receive at the moment. It seem like many companies think they absolutely
have to do “something” in regards to Social Media an start initiatives
very enthusiastically but without any strategic approach or experience.
It doesn’t come as a big surprise most companies are thereupon
disappointed about the results of initiatives they might have dedicated
a lot of time and effort to. This is when companies might start talking
to an agency.

By working with an experienced partner companies can safe money and
effort as the agency can show them
1. which options the Social Media landscape offers
2. which of those are suitable for initiatives for their offerings,
market and target groups and help them to select the most effective ones
3. how to realize the selected initiatives effectively – either
in-house or with support of the agency

Companies should however take into consideration that utilizing Social
Media can’t be viewed as a one-off action item that can be implemented
goes online and is thereby finished. Social Media is no one way
communication channel therefore requires a constant active interaction
with the targeted audience.

Wibke Sonderkamp – GlobalCom PR-Network Munich