The PR profession is a very interesting and versatile profession. There is, however, no particular way of education to become a PR consultant. In Germany, applicants with a universities degree are usually preferred by employers. University subjects such as communications or media, as well as journalism and different languages are typical for this branch. There are also a lot of “career changers”, who studied subjects like politics, history or ecology before applying for a PR position.

Equally or even more important for job applicants however is a certain degree of professional experience. In Germany, almost every company nowadays asks for practical job experience.

Just like the PR industry itself the ways of education are also permanently changing and evolving. New approaches like the “Dual Academic Education” (DAE) on private universities allow students to combine an apprenticeship and a universities degree at the same time. Since 2007, GlobalCom Germany cooperates with the University of Applied Management Erding (UAM) near Munich and offers a DAE. The students, studying Media Management, spend three weeks per semester at the UAM and receive a practice oriented education as Trainees with GlobalCom for the rest of the time. This system offers a well-balanced mix of studying and collecting practical experiences. Another advantage is, that the students can show a universities degree as well as three years of job experience when they finish their B.A.

One thing is for sure: Agencies and companies in Germany as well as in other countries value practical professional experience of their applicants even more than the theory part of their education. This means for students to be proactive and organize internships on their own in their semester breaks and to invest a lot of spare time to collect the relevant experiences if they want to raise their chances for their dream job.

Stefanie Nunberger and Sophie Schmid