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Technology transformation during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, technology is repeatedly mentioned as a solution in the work-from-home season. But is it the answer to all trouble?

During #socialdistancing, online platforms that support online meetings and working especially Zoom, have recorded a sharp increase in new downloads. In the first two months of 2020, Zoom got more new users than the whole year 2019, with 2.22 million downloads compared to that of 1.99 million in 2019.

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Project "Kaufland school of fruits and vegetables"

GlobalCom PR Network member and Croatian Public Relations agency, Abeceda komunikacije with the project Kaufland school of fruits and vegetables 2019/2020 entered this year´s finals of the prestigious Golden World Awards 2020 in the Corporate responsibility category.

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Old School Communication or a Maltreated Discipline?

It’s still alive! When I first discovered the light of the marketing universe many years ago, the term B2B PR seemed bigger and brighter to me. To be sure, in our fast-moving marketing world, one trend chases the other down main street. You’ll remind me soon that marketing people are hardly embarrassed to create newly invented terms for things that are not really new; Actually, they are often just “a natural evolution”. However, a radical change in communications has occurred thanks to all kinds of digital channels. So do we still need experts for B2B PR today?

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Coronavirus epidemic: Public relations when the public is out of sight

The Coronavirus epidemic is turning the metropolitan areas bustling day and night into desolate places. When people remind each other of #socialdistancing and moving their presence to online channels, traditional and offline communications methods such as press conferences, customer conferences, trade fairs, activities community service activities (CSR), etc. are facing obstacles to implement. How can we PR professionals do our work when the public suddenly “went out of sight”?

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The Israeli medias impact during the COVID-19 crisis

The Israeli media had and still has a significant impact on the public, mainly due to the traditionally high consumption of news as well as other content by the Israelis, who love to be “in the know”. This is true to both the older audience, which watches TV and reads the printed newspapers, as well as to younger people who receive the information from the social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

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World-class: why we rate so highly in the PR game

Last week, my deluge of overnight emails included one that looked suspicious.  I came very close to deleting it.

It appeared to come from the IT industry’s respected Forrester Research, proposing the ridiculous idea that our agency was among the best in the world!  I took a second look, then a third.

PR Deadlines had indeed been chosen as one of the world’s best channel-focused PR agencies. Since we had not been interacting with Forrester, this came as a complete surprise.

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World-famous tools for online events

Choosing the online format for corporate meetings and large conferences has many advantages. The geographical issue disappears and it becomes absolutely unimportant in which cities all the participants of such an event will be located. This allows you to save on business trips for employees and speakers and attracts new partners who previously could not get to the conference venue due to the lack of time, high cost or a significant distance. “Online” greatly facilitates the format of the event: so all participants can be on time at their computers, and there is no need to follow a strict dress code while not suffering the main thing-content. Due to the use of audio and video modes, your audience will be able to perfectly assimilate the broadcast material. Finally, now many platforms allow you to automatically save the desired content which saves you from the hassle of transmitting information to everyone after the fact. Specialists of the Communication Agency 4D (Russia) have prepared the presentation of the world-famous tools for online events.

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During the past weeks we have published several of posts on how the Covid-19 related measurements have influenced our business lives, have accelerated trends such as the progressing digitalization and virtual events, triggered changes in social media management and the need for cost effective PR support.

The team of Statista has now summarized trends and changes in our every-day life in an animated infographic. The isometric-style illustration covers trends from remote work and learning to online purchasing habits and video gaming activities.
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Social Media Management in the Age of Coronavirus

Can you guess what the most blocked keyword in the world currently is? Unsurprisingly, it’s coronavirus. COVID-19 is upending life as we know it, making the new normal anything but. Everyone, brands included, is adapting to a world that’s less familiar and comfortable. Already challenging, brand management is now like dancing on a tightrope.

As unlikely as it seems, there’s a unique opportunity underlying the awfulness of today’s pandemic. Now is the time to pause, reevaluate strategies and plans, and react nimbly to the transformed communications landscape.

With social distancing in place around much of the globe, social media’s use is skyrocketing, with 66 percent of users projecting increased time spent on social platforms. With breakneck coronavirus-induced shifts in everyone’s day-to-day reality, forging meaningful connections that have a lasting impact means reimagining strategies and tactics for the time being, if not the long-term. Though that sounds challenging, it is doable. But, how and where do you get started? These recommendations will help you to realign for the current environment.
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New formats that will help to make your online events more interesting

In the context of a pandemic, a number of people experience tremendous stress. Borders are already closed, vacations and plans are disrupted and information storm is constantly attacking. A corporate event will help your employees to distract themselves, relieve anxiety, see each other, unite and ultimately increase their productivity. We are sure that this will benefit your company. Specialists of the Communication Agency 4D have prepared several options for organizing the remote corporate events.

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