Leading market entry to Myanmar with CSR

YANGON, April 10, 2014 – As companies move to enter Myanmar following the country’s decades of isolation, there is a growing consensus about the benefits of leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility as a component of market entry.


The thinking is that entering Myanmar with a strong CSR campaign helps companies meet key local stakeholders in the public and private sectors, build infrastructure, and collect insights about the business environment and mind-set of the local people.  Add to this the fact that Myanmar’s needs for support are huge, and the concept of CSR as a market entry tool makes good sense.

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Saudi Arabia – Corporate Social Responsibility

Today our new series features Wael Sabri of Global Arabia, Saudi Arabia who will give us some thoughts about the importance of CSR in Saudi Arabia.

Corporate social responsibility – What does it mean?

CSR is described as “a balanced approach for organizations to address economic, social and environmental issues in a way that aims to benefit people, community and society”.

CSR includes consideration of such issues as: Human rights, Workplace and employee issues, including occupational health and safety, unfair business practices, Organizational governance, Environmental aspects, Market place and consumer issues, Community involvement, Social development. Read more