This post was first published by Brendan Reilly on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

Product promo videos should recreate environments familiar to the target audience.What makes a good promo video? Do you need a huge budget and a Hollywood film director to pull it off?

The answer to the second question is a simple “no.” The answer to the first question is a pretty simple one, too. Take the video below as an example. This comes from Triune Films, an independent production company that runs a very popular YouTube channel, Film Riot. FYI,while they do absolutely amazing work, they are neither operating with Hollywood level budgets (not even close), nor are they spending any more than the amount of money that most CMOs could find between their couch cushions. Read more

This post was first published by Brendan Reilly on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

Video content needs to be about the story, not product features and specs.The best type of interview, in my opinion, is one in which your subject tells a story and your voice as the interviewer is never heard. I’m reminded of a quote from well-known radio personality, Ira Glass:

“The power of the anecdote is so great. No matter how boring the material is, if it’s in story form, there’s suspense in it. It feels like something’s going to happen.”

Actually, I was reminded of this quote while reading a recent article at, an excellent music licensing resource for independent and corporate filmmakers alike. The article focused on The Music Bed’s approach to conducting interviews and how they are able to pull compelling stories from their interview subjects. It’s a good read, and I highly recommend it for anyone who conducts interviews regularly, whether you’re a journalist, PR professional or filmmaker. Read more

This post was first published by Brendan Reilly on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

A stationary subject can be brought to life in your videos by using creative camera movements.It’s no secret that creating video content as part of PR and communications strategies can be highly effective, especially in a world where mobile technology and social media have led to skyrocketing video consumption numbers. But pointing a camera at someone and telling them to talk about their product isn’t the kind of video that people find particularly compelling, let alone the kind that goes viral. So what are brands missing?

There’s a lot that goes into creating high-quality videos that people will want to watch, enjoy watching and then feel compelled to engage with a brand after they’ve watched it. So many things add production value to your content, from your choice of camera to lighting decisions, audio equipment, scripting, charisma of your on-camera talent and more. One of the most overlooked aspects of what makes great video content is movement – in terms of both what you’re filming and the camera itself. Read more

Posted by Megan Snyder at Jennifer Connelly Public Relations (JCPR).

162307779According to a recent New York Times article by David Segal, “Online video ads are supposed to be a marketer’s dream. Instead, many get lost in an unruly maze.”’

Video ads are a huge market for brands looking to reach their audiences in an interactive and dynamic way—but how can you ensure the right people are seeing them? The article stated that more than half of online video ads are not seen due to:

-Being buried low on websites

-Running on easily ignored video players that are too small or hard to find

-Getting lost among other ads

Online video advertising can certainly be effective as long as you’re being strategic.

This post was first published by Brendan Reilly on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

In PR, the story you're trying to tell should dictate the format in which you tell it.Technology and storytelling go hand-in-hand more than most people realize. When you think about it, it is the perfect marriage of art and science. As technology evolves, we’re able to complete more tasks more easily and efficiently. The impact that has on the quality of personal and professional lives — that’s where the storytelling comes in.

This holds true whether you’re in the telco industry, cloud hosting, IT security or design and engineering.

Every single piece of compelling content is, at its heart, a human interest story. Why should people care what your brand has to say? How will it improve their personal lives? Their professional lives? Read more

This post was first published by Martin Jones on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

It’s safe to say that video has gone mainstream. Everyone with a smartphone has become something of an amateur videographer. In the PR and content marketing world, more clients than ever are demanding video services as part of the package. Videos can help break down business concepts, showcase executive thought leadership and recap tradeshows and conferences.

But are people really watching them?

Half of YouTube videos get 500 views or fewer. About 30 percent get fewer than 100 views. Many corporate videos languish in an unpromoted channel, rarely breaking the 100-view mark. But when those videos do get seen, they really work. According to research from eMarketer, B2B prospects can be greatly influenced by video. The report found that, after watching a video, 46 percent said that they purchased a product and 54 percent contacted a vendor. Read more

Over 50 percent of executives watch work-related YouTube videos at least once a week.

By Valerie Pilossof, Jennifer Connelly Public Relations Intern

While YouTube is typically associated with singing cat videos or montages of the newest dance fad, it is also a very useful online tool when it comes to business-to-business (B2B) communication and marketing.

Currently the largest online video sharing network, YouTube houses many professional videos relating to current events, politics, business and more, and can be extremely advantageous when used by B2B marketers for the following reasons: Read more

Josepf Haslam, SVP Digital Marketing of Jennifer Connelly Public Relations in NYC shares some tips on Video Search Engine Optimization.

Your video is not a Field of Dreams. If you simply build it no one will come. VSEO is important because the Search Engine “spiders” or “bots” are your first audience. Search Engines need to understand your content and index it correctly before it can be found by someone searching. Performing Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) will help you get your videos found.





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GigaOm broke the news on Friday that Amazon is seeking executives to help make its original programming plans a reality. Since last year, Amazon Studios has been awarding script writers and independent filmmakers for contributing content, and now it seems the online mega-retailer is gearing up to move to the distribution phase and compete with the likes of Netflix and YouTube on in-house digital entertainment. Read more

Soon after Google’s entrance into social media with Google+, Facebook has announced a new video chat feature that allows people to set up video chatting in just a couple clicks, and then video chat any friend through a Skype plug-in. Just 24 hours later, Facebook video chat is already being compared to Google’s video chat and new hangout feature, with mixed reviews about which is better, more functional, and easier to use.

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