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Since there are no two PR campaigns, two clients or two audiences the same, things can sometimes go wrong for the right reasons or exceptionally well for the wrong reasons. We stand to learn from both. So please read some useful tips and tricks that both emerging and seasoned PR professionals could make use of to ensure PR efforts run smoothly and deliver the desired results.

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How to handle a PR crisis scenario (according to PR experts)

As part of her doctoral dissertation research, Clāra Ly-Le, director of EloQ Communications, interviewed several public relations experts in Vietnam on the subject of crisis communication. Clāra’s work focuses on social media, but the insights…

Russia – Region Summary (Part of the Summary of Eastern Europe Market)

Market landscape  What are the major corporates across sectors that have decision-making units based in the region?  The economic crisis and sanctions have not made life easier for international corporations working in Russia. But there’s…
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Being a Boutique PR Agency: The Trenches and Time

This article was first published by Joanne Hogue and Dina Petrosky, Smart Connections PR. Smart Connections PR was founded in late 2012, a boutique PR firm born out of a boutique tech-oriented PR agency. We love the term “boutique.” It…
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Four Tips & Tricks for Successful PR Measurement

This post was originally published by Laurie Davis on the Interprose Voice blog. Whether it is to increase sales, gain more members, or be seen as a thought-leader in a particular industry, businesses and organizations have a wide variety…
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What PR Can Learn From Minimalist Web Design Philosophy

I recently read an article detailing many of the principles of minimalism in Web design. The more I read, the more I came to realize how fitting many of these same ideals were in the world of public relations. The first tenet of minimalist…
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Tech PR Pros: Pitching the Wall Street Journal? Remember These 4 Tips

A few weeks ago, Gorkana invited Californian PR professionals to a panel discussion with members of The Wall Street Journal’s technology and finance team. "Heart on the Street" co-editor Liam Denning, deputy technology editor Scott Austin…
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Content Marketers: I Hope You’re Not Making These Grammar Mistakes

It should come as no surprise that content marketing is growing in importance for PR. But, much of that value is eroded when content isn’t written correctly. With that in mind, here is a list of some grammar rules to keep in mind as you build…
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7 Tips for PR Newbies from a Day at PR Advanced

Earlier this month, PR Advanced: Breaking Barriers held its New England regional conference on Boston University's campus, bringing together a spectrum of PR professionals and beginners for a day of informational sessions, networking, and free…
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Dealing with cyber risks: An issue becomes a crisis when the media gets involved

We live in a digital age where we have to be aware of the many cyber risks that surround us. We have to be prepared for when our cyber security systems fail to protect us – because they will fail from time to time. In 2011, the personal information…
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Three Ways to Strengthen Your Value Propositions for PR

When bringing a new product or service to market, a fundamental part of any company’s campaign plan is to identify the key value propositions or explanations of what benefits you’re providing, for whom and how they’re unique. These are…

Things You Should Know about Turks

When I moved to Turkey 22 years ago, all I knew and heard about this amazing country was the endless cups of tea, the kebabs and the Grand Bazar. But if you really want to get under the country’s skin, below are some less commonly known things…
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Paid, Owned and Earned Media: What They Are and How They’ve Changed

Public relations has always been about communicating a message in the best way possible, but the channels PR firms can use to do that have changed. A lot.  The digital revolution has opened countless new opportunities and blurred the once-distinct…