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Since there are no two PR campaigns, two clients or two audiences the same, things can sometimes go wrong for the right reasons or exceptionally well for the wrong reasons. We stand to learn from both. So please read some useful tips and tricks that both emerging and seasoned PR professionals could make use of to ensure PR efforts run smoothly and deliver the desired results.

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3 Tips for a Successful Summer PR Internship

With summer on the horizon, do you have an internship lined up? Whether you're graduating or finishing up another year of school, here are three tips that'll help you make the most out of the internship, no matter what the industry (although…
5 Major Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2021

Are Clichés in PR Writing Ever OK?

Anyone with extensive academic or professional writing experience has been warned about the hazards of using clichés. In the world of tech PR, we've explained why jargon and mumbo jumbo in particular are more common than they should be. The…
New formats that will help to make your online events more interesting

How to plan a successful event in Brazil

The visibility of some events in the media can transmit the false impression that it is an easy goal to be achieved. But, at least in Brazil, this is not the case. The competition of events increases, while the attention decreases. With the…
Evidence, Clues, Traces, Footprint

Anticipation, Teamwork and Planning Ahead: The Keys to a Successful PR Campaign

One of the best-remembered episodes of the TV sitcom WKRP In Cincinnati is “Turkeys Away,” in which the manager of the eponymous radio station devises a surefire way to boost his station’s listener base during the holiday season — a…
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A Twist on the Traditional PR Event (by JCPR)

Branding your own event puts you in control The world of communications and public relations provides an endless amount of obstacles but the goal is always the same: gain exposure for your brand. And as editorial staff continues to shrink…
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Dressed for Success at PR Events in Denmark

PR events are excellent occasions for meeting potential clients and launching new products. But, as with all PR services, you have to prepare them very carefully if they should turn out to be anything other than a waste of time. The People…
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Failure to Launch: 6 Tips for a Better Website Development Experience

In what may be the single biggest debut belly flop in internet history, the website continues to struggle with intermittent outages, an inability to handle peak usage and critical breakdowns at key points. Put aside the politics…
Social Media Channels

How to Bring the Power of Social Media to Networking Events

We spend so much time in front of computers and on social media that, now more than ever, it’s important to remind ourselves how a little face time can go a long way — and I’m not talking about the Facetime app on your iPhone. Smartphones…
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4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your PR Agency

A lot of the public relations blogs out there are great references for tips and tricks on how public relations agencies can better service their clients. For PR professionals, how-to articles on topics such as planning the perfect product launch,…
Wonder Sparks, Lights magic

How Speaking & Awards Programs Work Wonders for PR

There are a number of tactics that public relations professionals use to establish clients as thought- leaders, including running influencer relations and contributed content campaigns. But another important element that helps our clients stand…
Print news, press releases and magazines

3 Ways to Give a Great Interview to Journalists and Analysts

In the world of tech PR, the summer months bring a small respite between the tradeshow-crazed spring and fall. This gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on the positives and negatives of the many briefings we facilitated either on-site…
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Demand evidence and think critically!

Like the spurious claims companies make about being “innovative”, of which I’ve written much before, there are plenty of organisations that claim to be “thought leaders”. But how can you tell if they really are? Because they say so?…